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Brighton Your Futures

Brighton Your Futures
Employers /exhibitors briefing 10 minutes before doors open

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South London Jobs Fair

South London Jobs Fair
Getting Housing Association residents into employment - in excess of 600 job opportunities were available

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Social regeneration

As a social regeneration consultancy, much of 3D Change’s business activity is focused on challenging decline in local areas. Encouraging social, economic and environmental restoration, we work in partnership with several housing associations and local authorities, to help foster tangible change within the local community.  

We understand that business needs to thrive in order to create jobs in the local community. That’s why we use our skill and expertise to help get individuals into employment, as well as assist businesses to win contracts in the public arena.

Our services

We understand that business needs to thrive in order to create jobs, and so help to achieve this through our various services, including:

Social regeneration in action

Connecting employers with potential recruits and apprentices is another key to social regeneration. 3D Change works with partners in national and local government, education, social enterprises and the public, private, and social housing sector.

Championing the concept of local people for local jobs, and local contracts for local businesses, the “South London Jobs Fair – Action to Work” initiative was a key example of 3D Change’s success in encouraging social change.

Benefiting jobseekers, businesses, communities and housing associations alike, the successful event helped link SMEs with decision makers from 14 South London housing associations. Encouraging enduring business connections, the South London Jobs Fair worked to stimulate employment and business growth, producing a range of employment opportunities in the local area.

The “Brighton Your Futures” event is another successful venture that 3D Change delivers in partnership with Brighton and Hove City Council, Affinity Sutton Housing Association, the National Apprenticeship Service, the Department of Work and Pensions and the Youth Employability Service. Focusing on getting young people into employment, education or training, the initiative serves to benefit many parties, and regenerate the community in a wider context. It’s an initiative that continues to run throughout the year, culminating in a large, annual jobs event.

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For more information about 3D Change’s social regeneration activity, get in touch with the team today.

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"The event was "helpful in meeting - and cementing relationships with - other local services and training providers. We really look forward to working with Moira and her team again and being involved in future 3D Change initiatives."Lucy Moran, Access to Music